La Croqueteria is the home of artisan croqueta making in Melbourne. We handcraft all our croquetas in the traditional Spanish way, supplying to the finest restaurants, cafes, catering companies, delis and specialty food retailers in Melbourne.

Now also available for home delivery.


Upgrade your menu or product range with a delicious Spanish favourite loved by everyone. We handcraft our croquetas using all pure and natural ingredients. They make the perfect tapa for sharing plates, take-home meal, entrée or side and add a distinctive touch to your current offering.


We are the croqueta specialists. From our new, single-purpose kitchen we produce only croquetas. This specialisation results in competitive wholesale conditions and allows us to customise portion sizes and recipes upon your request. Let us do the hard work for you.


Enhance your business with a truly artisan product at a very competitive price, earning you a generous margin whilst reducing labour costs and waste. Maximise your kitchen’s productivity and simplify operations, or increase your store's sales.


Our croquetas are delivered frozen in environmentally responsible packaging and have a 12-month shelf life from manufacturing date. Simply order by email or phone and have them delivered via in-house, refrigerated delivery service . Our croquetas are very easy to cook straight from  the freezer in 4 minutes.


Our croquetas

Award-winning fresh whole milk and butter, free-range eggs, selected flours and breadcrumbs, combined with the best quality jamón, cheeses, meat, seasonal vegetables, and seafood to create a range of different recipes. No preservatives, thickeners, artificial colours or flavours. Truly artisan croquetas.

Our recipes are inspired by the flavours of Spain and the fresh, seasonal produce of Australia. Not to be confused with the potato filled croquette, La Croqueteria croquetas are traditional Spanish croquetas made with a creamy, slow cooked béchamel sauce filling combined with fresh ingredients, encased by breadcrumbs, perfect for frying.

Approx. 33 g per pc
(30 g – 36 g)
Approx. 30 pcs per kg
(33 pcs – 28 pcs)

4 kg reusable container
Approx. 121 pcs
395 g tray (12 pcs)
1 Kg tray (30 pcs)

Straight from the freezer, deep fry in vegetable oil for 3 to 4 minutes or until golden


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